I just want to know you better now.

They Don’t Know - Rico Love


I call your name, you turn around and you can see me in the flesh, when I first took my glasses off, I hope you liked me without them and my green eyes.

You made me so nervous, I was palms sweaty, nervous to kiss you cause I was hoping you’d like me back, cause it been awhile I’ll just be honest.
There’s something weird where I guess I’m afraid that I’ll be alone and I just always seem to push people away.

But that night I finally got to hold onto you and have you in my arms, it all for once in life felt okay.

There was no need to practice how to kiss, cause you were gonna make sure I was taught the lesson.

Never had been with a girl like you before, cause you are so different and unique and to that there is no question.

You can see it in your eyes, and you know you can’t help but remember how I feel cause you know how much I mean when I go into this state.

There’s no turning back, these are things that I will about you and people will marvel the love that is us.

There’s no need for us to practice, cause we have been doing this stuff for awhile together.

There’s no more need for practice, cause when I read this to you, I will already be there.

We Need Some Changes

Take a look at all the things you do in the day and just go home and look in the mirror, then tell me what you see.

Is everything what you wanted it to be, or does it all just seemed just so fucked up like I thought it was or is it just really just me?

Every day I wake up I say it will be a new tomorrow, but it’s the same old shit as the day before.

Keep hoping that shit will change and don’t think I’m not trying, but there hasn’t been no results and I don’t know how long we can keep going anymore.

Trying to be strong, but can’t help but feeling like I’m about to falter and I’m praying out to God, but he don’t hear me at the altar.

Son crying out for help, but he can’t look up, there’s no love and for him to turn to look to from his father

I wrote this out of passion, and I’m just telling you how I’m feeling inside this way tonight.

The sun can be out during the day, but that doesn’t mean things going on in my life are so bright.

It’s okay that people that I suck and they can all talk shit, I just wish there wasn’t all the bad things going on in my actual life.

Just wish me and my family, my blood and the people that we all love were all able to be have all the things we have wanted since we were young.

There’s a lot of people that I see throughout these days, and each of them I see something different in their eyes.

But we all are human, and I know that are all the same under the skin, and I feel the same ties.

I’ve Never Flown, But I’ll Fly For You

The world is huge, I’ve never been across such a far distance.

But I need to see you, so I’m willing to take upon this mission.

Need to have you in my arms again, and this is my submission.

This is what I have to confess, and without you around I know I’m not at my best.

Know I’m different and you’ve shown me how much life has in store, and I just want to know that you have always cared the best.

Know that I’m falling down and even though I was thinking I would be lost forever, I thought about you and I woke up with the feeling coming alive in my chest.

The world is huge, but that doesn’t stop me from going online and purchasing the ticket.

There’s all these things people are afraid of, and I’m not, I’ll do anything to show you that I care.

I’ve always been really far in distance, but I just want you to realize that in other means that doesn’t mean I’m not there.

When the world comes crashing down, you really know who you can love and trust, and I know in you there’s never been enough.

There’s things that have gone bad and things that have gone great, but in the end to me there has never been no debate.

That you were everything I’ve always wanted, so I’m coming to see you this time for this date.

Seeing this tomorrow, in theaters alone, cause im that cool.

Do you know harvey dent?  Oh, you dont, then explain why you are being two faced.

Smokin everywhere i go

Smokin everywhere i go

The pudding, the kettle popcorn, the cocoa cola, the JD, the piff, what more do you need tonight, top it off with a little bit of fuck yeah, PIZZA!

Medicine, what is the remedy to help you get your cure?
What is good, and tell me what’s bad, cause I don’t think anyone can just be one or the other, think we’re all gray and no one’s pure.
Don’t think anyone can say that they have never felt like they were Dr Jekyll, then in the night they became Mr Hyde.
Most people say they want so much in life they just haven’t got it yet, cause they don’t know what it’s like to have really ‘tried.’

The king of his pack, I’m hanging out with my own type of family and this is my pride.
Never change the way I think, and these words will be imprinted upon me and you can read them after I have died.
If you believe that you can do it from the moment you wake up, then you can live life and still reach the sky.

Saying this I walk up the hill, in the distance shining over it is the sun and I can’t to make it to the top to see the view.
We can experience it together, I want to take you there and show you what the rest of the world can be like if I see it with you.
Medicine, the world and it’s air and the power to be free, is what truly heals me. 

Poems now off the head, why not.

There’s the ocean and the water, and I just want to hold your hand and feel the waves run beneath our feet.

We can swim out and enjoy it together, just me and you the world, the sun and time all in the ocean’s deep.

In the memories we shared together, these are the deepest feelings of love that i still have to keep.

Hold out my hand to you cause I feel you slipping away, but you are hard to reach.
Try to hold you in my arms, but you go farther away and I know that you are the only person I want to keep.

The boy closes his eyes, and he wakes up scared without you, having a nightmare about losing you from his life in his sleep.

The next thing, he sees you that morning and he holds you in his arms, and he feels the touch of your lips.

Never more has he thought someone was so beautiful, and never more was their such a beautiful kiss.

No one can ever take that from us, and no one can ever take this.


There’s a bottle, and I find myself just drinking all the liquor.

Telling my friend about my life story, the plot just becomes all so much thicker.

Finally letting it all out and telling someone, it’s weird to tell such a sad topic and have so much vigor.

But when the riflemen has the gun in his hand, he knows the feeling of it so well and it’s the same type of trigger.

The thoughts don’t go away and I feel myself often going back, finding myself not able to not linger.

The bee lands on you and it hurts, but it’s the thought of it that means to me more than the stinger.

I suppose I don’t really know where I am going in life, but I never have so I don’t know what this poem is really supposed to mean.

There is a lot of things going on right now, and I didn’t expect this all to go down this way.

There’s no way I can hide it, cause it’s hard to keep down but I think i can try just cause I don’t want to make yours worse.

The fact that everyone I meet is probably going through something just like me, in some way or shape is also the thing that seems to hurt.

There’s a lot of things that you will find that mean value that you didn’t know had worth.

There’s a lot of changes that you should go through in your life, to bring positive things to your life since one’s birth.


Open the door, no leave it shut.

Want to talk to you, but somehow it always seems abrupt.

Know that I’m not evil at heart, but yet somehow it all feels corrupt.

Trying to give it my all, just never seems enough.

Even though I’m feeling it all breaking down, I’m just trying to put it all back together.

If people asked me if I ever thought that I didn’t love you, the answer would be never.

You know what that word means to you, and so I know this is all so clever.

When you love someone and when you mean it, it doesn’t fade away it stays forever.

You treat them like what they are, which is the world to you and you keep them safe and sound.