master and gemini by kaori125
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Silence by Azzopardi666
the thorn queen by kaori125
Melthanson by f1x-2
Scars Will Never Fade

The wounds can heal, but the scars throughout the years they will always be with me till the day I die.

Try to forget the sting of the pain, but it always is hurting me and I don’t know how much longer I can try.

Some people say that in the end everything makes you stronger, but I just want to realize that this is a lie.

The cuts can have new flesh, but the memories I cannot tear and they will always be there.

If people had realized what in life you have been through, maybe then but I don’t think they still would care.
You find the one person that does, and you always seem to fuck it up and such a moment is rare.

I find it all coming back to my fear, and I guess that there’s no more places for me to look.

Standing here looking at my reflection, I didn’t know for the scars to fade all I needed was for me to be able to look at myself.

I Wish I Stayed

There’s no other word to use, than coward but I couldn’t help but run away, it’s always what I do.

Wish the Romeos in this world meant what they said, and I wish they were true.

I wish I stayed, but now I have wandered away and the road back has become blocked.

My heart beats for you more everyday, but it seems the love we had has seemingly stopped.

The roses I carried that day, the memory of you grabbing the bouquet, it seems now like it was all dropped.

I wish I stayed, wasn’t afraid to make a change and go somewhere else, but I didn’t want to just thrust forth into life so fast.
It’s hard to watch something you love just get more and more broken, and you just seem to watch it fall down and crash.

Wish I didn’t love so much, cause I knew that we would end being hurt in the end and I’m sorry I made you so attached.

Know that in the end you’ll find someone better, and I wish I stayed, but I guess we’re better off not in love.

I’m so far away, you can’t feel the sweet top of my lips and my heart against yours, and I just don’t want to keep you waiting just to find out if you will suffer.

The burden that weighs me down now, is one that I have put down and weighed upon my own self.

I wish I stayed, but I thought you would be safer and more happy if you were with someone else. 

Death Note- Ryuk by Verehin
Walk to Oblivion by burnay
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the emperor’s new groove by Salzella
Escape REMIX by Ecstatic-ectsy

Escape Remix by Ecstatic-ectsy

Escape REMIX by Ecstatic-ectsy

Escape Remix by Ecstatic-ectsy

Live For The Moment by macabre7

Live For The Moment by macabre7

Live For The Moment by macabre7

Live For The Moment by macabre7